[thelist] Blog host allowing intro on index page?

BJ bj at kickasswebdesign.com
Wed Jan 18 12:26:16 CST 2006

"I don't know the official term for this, but I'm looking for a blog host
that allows you to have just an intro to your article, like maybe the
first paragraph, on the index page, with a link to the full article on
its own page. I just like that style better than having a series of full
posts on the index page. [snippety]Ability to write my own template, ability to
publish the pages to my own domain, and of course free or inexpensive.

WordPress allows you to show exerpts on the "homepage" with a simple 
change in admin. It also meets all your other criteria, though the 
templating is a fair bit more complicated. Documentation and community 
forum are very good, so personally I wouldn't let that hold you back.

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