[thelist] absalom font

Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
Tue Jan 17 08:56:38 CST 2006

Felix wrote:

> Verdana, Arial & TNR are SO boring and/or ugly. Why not not specify
> families at all, at least for main content, so that your 
> visitors get to
> see what they prefer? That's the ultimate safe choice, and the
> friendliest.

So following that logic, instead of placing an image of a cat on my
site, I should just put in the word CAT? I'm sure it wouldn't matter
that the end user would miss the subtle, psychological impact of seeing
a warm, long-haired cat cuddled up in someone's lap when they hit that
"Adopt A Cat" page, after all the word CAT conveys the same basic

No, I think I'll stick to placing the image of the cat I choose for
whatever design reasons I choose it for, and I'll properly mark it up
with an alt tag that describes the image, whether that be "CAT" or
"warm, long-haired cat cuddled up in someone's lap".

And I'll continue to put forth the font I think best suits the content,
best conveys the intent, of whatever site I'm working on, while leaving
the generic font-family as the last choice for those who don't have the
font I chose.

The web has set proper typographic design back far enough without us
making it worse by skipping the options available to us and going with
the least common denominator.

And frankly, the majority of people out there still won't get to "see
what they prefer", they'll get to see what their computer and browser
vendor thinks they prefer.


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