[thelist] Client requests - Help!

Flavia Tarzwell (FayeC) ftarzwell at fayec.com
Sat Jan 7 11:43:11 CST 2006

I got a new contract and actually got all the requirements for the site 
on paper very detailed but there are a couple of things that I think 
they might be confused about or got the wrong idea/information from 
somebody else.
but then maybe I might be wrong and I don't want to tell them they are 
wrong or it can't be done when it can.
"The design withh feature a "Welcome" page in which visitors can enter 
their personal informationto customize their experience. This "Welcome" 
screen will allow us to capture their email address, which will then be 
stored in a database. Upon returning to the site visitors will be 
greeted with a personalized message and a personalized experience. The 
"Welcome" page will also allow visitors an option to bypass entering 
their personal information and enter the site. This feature is necessary 
to allow the search engines access to the site and to allow cautious 
visitors a way into the site. The "Welcome" screen will be the first of 
many tools designed to gather visitor information and provide a 
personalized experience."

I truly don't understand when they say that there will be a feature to 
bypass registration for a "personalized experience" and that it is 
necessary for the search engines to enter the site....would this be more 
like a side feature? I mean.....you can personalize the site if you want 
but the site is open to all visitors, registered or not?

They want the site to have frames......and to load government pages 
(forms, applications, etc) in the main frame like as if it's part of the 
site. And they want to be able to track the traffic to the external pages.

I have a few concerns about this one...first is the SEO issue.....frames 
are not SEO friendly. Second there's the issue of loading government 
copyrighted material in a frame....third, this site needs a whole CMS 
solution and I am not sure how a CMS will work well with a frameset....
Can anybody comment on these two issues?
I just want to figure it out before I can write them back.....

Thanks in advance,


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